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Tweetie Birds Fabric Wall Decals

Delight and stimulate your child with this collection of 16 birds. Kid-safe, nontoxic and easy to apply and rearrange.

Regular Price: $68.00

Special Price: $40.80



16 Chic Fabric Stickers includes:
Spunky Birdies: Fiddle, Twiddle, Tee-Dee, Tweet, Tatt, Toot, Jingle, Joot, Yiddle, Yip, Piep, Jowls, Jules, Jives, Jolt & Bolt.
(Tree not included.)

Character Height:
Varying from about 2½” - 8”

Application is a simple 3-step process of peel, place, and then smooth it with your hand. It can be rearranged and easily removed numerous times. Freshly painted walls should be completely dry before applying the product. Please wait at least 60 days after painting before you apply our fabric decals to the newly painted wall.

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Price $68.00