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Bitsybow Baby Clothing

Mar 17, 2016 11:21:42 AM

San Francisco designer Cherry Lao sat down with us over coffee and answered a few questions about her Bitsybow clothing line. We are excited to be carrying her fun bibs and onesies.

Bitsbow Bib

What were your inspirations for creating the line?

Bitsybow was a passion project I started with the idea of cute and playful illustration. With my design background combined with my mother's experience making kids clothes, we decided to create Bitsybow. I get inspiration from my surrounding, things I do and places I visit. The first set of graphics was food related. I love food, so I created fun drawings of meatballs, egg and bacon.  

What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

The most rewarding aspect was seeing our customers excitement when buying Bitsybow for their little ones or as gifts for their friends little ones. 

What is the most challenging aspect?

The most difficult aspect was the production. I am a perfectionist and have high expectations, so getting the product exactly the way I wanted is crucial. Despite the challenges I am happy and proud of what we created for our customers.

Why should a customer purchase your products?

Bitsybow was curated and crafted with lots of love and care. We wanted to share our cute and playful designs and spread the smile through comfortable outfits.

Bitsbow onsieBitsbow onsie

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Creative Profile: Deric Carner

Sep 16, 2013 9:03:11 PM

Aldea Sutro Onsies and Tees

Today we bring you an interview with a designer and artist who works out of both Brooklyn and San Francisco, Deric Carner. Carner is the creator of unique and timeless onesies based on iconic San Francisco landmarks, perfect for your infants and toddlers.

Where are you from originally and how did the local culture shape you as a designer/maker?
I lived in many places as a youth including Switzerland, Holland, Spain and California. These places have strong modernist histories which I absorbed alongside the counterculture styles of punk, graffiti, agitprop and board culture. I was drawn to design as a universal language that is both rational and expressive. In my work I strive for clarity, but also a certain texture and whimsy to move beyond formula.

What initially inspired to make your product?
Visitors and locals are always asking for product sthat show Bay Area pride. The normal tourist fodder is hard to relate to other than ironically. We wanted to make our own fun designs. Justin Godar's Sutro Coat Rack was the initial inspiration. Mission locals know the Sutro Tower as an icon of their neighborhood experience. West Oakland's freight cranes are equally recognizable to anyone who has commuted to the East Bay or gone to art and music shows there. 

What is your favorite step in the creation of your product?
I always get excited when I finally get to see something physical come back from a printer—AND there are no print errors. 

What hobbies inspire your designs/products?
I have an active studio art practice which informs and complements my design practice. Also I collect vintage advertisements and printed matter—especially Deco era perfume ads.

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite shape and why?
The donut, because it is all surface, with no edges and yet has an inside.

What is your favorite texture this season? 
Muddied halftone. For spring I am working with crinkled mylar.

What did you see of interest today?
A antique New York City pull-lever voting machi...

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