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Beatrix Tiger Backpack
backpacks combine contemporary school cool and playground tested durability. Adorned with clever and colorful animal characters, these tough school bags are a big win with parents and kids alike. Architect and graphic designer Claire Theobald and former creative advertising director Marcus Woolcott are the savvy duo behind the concept, creativity, and production of Beatrix. 

beatrix backpack
The New York based team has boosted Beatrix’s popularity through quality of design and manufacturing. The heavy duty nylon and cotton products withstand the active lifestyles of their young clientele. Backpacks are made of easy to clean laminated cotton and nylon made from recycled water bottles. Beatrix backpacks are specially designed to hold textbooks, crayons and colors, pens and pencils, lunch, and even a laptop. Backpacks have padded shoulder straps and back panels for comfortable wearing. The insulated lunch boxes maintain freshness due to their nylon and non-toxic EVA film lining and provide practical needs of a name tag and a zipped pocket.

Join us for a back to school event featuring Beatrix, Bixbee, So Young and Skip Hop on Saturday July 25th, 11 a.m.– 4 p.m. Please note: this event will be at 890 Valencia Street—our main store!

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Bixbee Backpacks with a Conscience

Jul 7, 2015 11:47:22 AM

bixbee backpacks and lunchboxes

Bixbee’s new collection of imaginative backpacks and matching lunch boxes are here in time for back to school. Kids love the fun animal designs — some with LED lit wings! Parents will appreciate their horizontal ergonomic design and superior quality. When you buy a Bixbee bag, another bag full of essential supplies is given to a child in need. Now that's a win-win in our book.

 bixbee backpacks and lunchboxes

We asked Bixbee CEO Luis Manuel Garcia a few questions to learn more about his popular and socially conscious line of kid’s bags:

What were your inspirations for creating the line? 

Have you ever stopped to have an actual conversation with a kid? Their imagination serves as an endless source of inspiration for my work. Wings, sparkle, sharks, zombies in a smart design combined with our buy one, give one mission makes for a feel good, ‘gotta have it’ product.

What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do? 

Educating children is a fundamental part of securing their future. This belief is at the heart of Bixbee’s core values. Besides our customers’ happiness, making a lasting impact on children in need is our biggest reward.

Bixbee give back

What is the most challenging aspect?

We understand brand awareness takes time so we encourage our supporters to spread the Bixbee buzz as much as possible though social media and word of mouth.

Why should a customer purchase your backpack? 

Our designer backpacks bridge function and durability with fashion and fun! These bright and tough-built backpacks are specifically designed for kids’ unique measurements. Our patented horizontal design with ergonomic attributes is designed to carry weight at waist level.

bixbee backpacks and lunchboxes

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Top Monte Chairs

Oct 3, 2014 5:41:41 PM

Deciding on "the" glider for your family?  For us the one we love is Monte design for sustainability, design, comfort and flexibility. Their hand-crafted gliders are all sustainable, easy to clean and free of petroleum and flame retardant chemicals. 
An optional ergonomic lumbar pillow or ottoman provides extra support and comfort where you need it.
Whether you prefer the sleek swivel of the Grazia, the easy recline of the Grano, or the dreamy plush back of the Como, you can’t deny the modern transitional styles of the chairs. When the nursery grows into a big kid room, the glider serves as a great addition to your living room. Each chair is made to order in Canada with an impressive commitment  to sustainability and low emission.
All the Monte models available in our home store for you to try out. We can walk you through the custom options and fabric choices so you don’t miss out on the full Monte experience!

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Top Strollers

Oct 3, 2014 4:31:16 PM

“What’s the best stroller you have?” is the question we are asked most at Aldea Baby. While we each have our favorites, shopping for a stroller is all about your personal lifestyle.
The Orbit 3G is perfect if you’re like us and obsessed with every THING local. It’s made in the Bay Area by Stanford engineers, so it wouldn’t feel right if it wasn’t made of the most sustainable and high quality materials on the market. The swiveling stroller seat can detach and double as a car seat making it an easy, one-handed transition when your baby is asleep on your shoulder.
When you lead an active lifestyle, the Mountain Buggy Terrain stroller could be your potential best friend. The stroller is equipped with 12” air tires, a hand break, and a zipped cargo bag making it easy to take the little one with you on your Sunday morning hike around Land’s End.
Bay Area parents are usually on the market for a lightweight stroller so they can climb up the hundreds of stairs leading to their apartment with ease. The Mountain Buggy Nano is a convenient 13 lbs and folds to fit plane overhead compartments when you want to bring baby along to grandma’s. It comes with an adaptor to work with every car seat, ever, so it’s no wonder why it has won so many design awards. The “umbrella” stroller could never be taboo again when it’s this upscale and well-made!
While these three strollers are amazing, we provide many other shapes and styles at Aldea Ninos. Come by the store and we would be happy to take you on our stroller tour to find what stroller is right for you!

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Back To School

Sep 5, 2014 3:20:19 PM

The summer has flown by and it's high noon for back to school. We've got you covered this year at Aldea Baby with the coolest and most essential gear for daycare, preschool, and school-school. Brown bags are definitely out! Fresh graphic lunch boxes by Beatrix combine whimsy and color with sturdy construction. Plus they are easy to clean and feature new designs every year. They even win the likes of A-Lister children like Suri Cruise and Harper Beckham. 

Tot Cots by Urban Infant are the perfect all-in-one-sleeping solution for naptime. Pillow, attached fleece blanket, name tag and secret pocket all roll up for easy toting. Wondering if they come in adult sizes? They don't, we already asked. Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes these days, so we like to keep it interesting with these lightweight and ergonomic backpacks from SF local Luis Garcia. With every back pack purchased, School Bags for Kids donates a backpack filled with supplies to a child in need.

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Lambretta Living Room

Feb 19, 2014 3:35:06 PM

Lights, color and pop goes deco in this modern take on streamline. From smooth sailing bright colors to future-foward forms, you better start movin’ ‘cuz the radio’s transmitting live from Sutro Tower! Now your arty robots and eco-friendly turbo-prop toys can have their dream playdate under the one-of-a-kind ambience of artist Dana Hemenway’s custom-designed lighting. From the sleek, modern curves of the highly-customizable Vola Glider to the striking form of the Aldea-exclusive Red and White Sutro Tower Coatrack, you'll find the space seamlessly transitions from a kid-friendly area to an adult living space. 

Shop the room online on our Lambretta Living Room page.

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Mimosa Mod Pad

Feb 16, 2014 10:54:18 PM

´┐╝´┐╝Grown-ups are just big kids with good taste. The Mimosa Mod Pad is for kids mature and young who love mixing bold colors with dazzling patterns, and playing with art toys in impeccably styled rooms. Fulfill your creative urges with the fully customizable line of Monte gliders and rockers, made to order to your unique aesthetics and exact specifications.

Come into the Aldea Baby store to get guidance on your baby registry or head to the Home store for nursery consultation services. We can help you outfit the perfect bedroom for any age.

Shop the Mimosa Mod Pad online.

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Brand Profile: Monte Design

Jan 17, 2014 3:40:21 PM

Here are two words that aren’t frequently paired together: nursery and sophistication. Canadian-based Monte Design has changed the game with their modern, sleek, form-follows-function, fully customizable furniture available in an array of stain resistant fabrics and leathers. By integrating an ethical backbone with a love of design, Monte has created exceptionally comfortable and beautiful furniture that serves as a backdrop to your family’s most special moments and memories.

Happy, healthy babies are our mission at Aldea, which is why we love Monte’s pieces so darn much. We have a shared value of inspiring eco-conscious choices at home, as well as ensuring a sustainable future for the world in which our familes will grow up. Monte’s attention to sustainable detail is present in every step of their process: their foam is locally manufactured from seed-based oils, relying less on petroleum-based foam, and contains no fire retardants, contributing to an overall healthier nursery environment. The upholstery (down to the threads), wood, and glue are free of hazardous chemicals and toxins. The recliners and gliders are made from 95% recycled steel and their producers plant 3-4 trees for every one harvested. Their clean designs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but environmentally responsible, safe, and cuddle-compatible.

We proudly represent Monte’s line of furniture that will furnish your home beautifully throughout the years as you raise your child in style, comfort, and modern luxury. Once your little ones have grown up, you can seamlessly graduate Monte's rockers from the nursery to any room in your home.

Come in to Aldea and check out our floor models, available immediately, or available within 5-7 weeks for custom orders—yes, that's right, all their furniture is customizable to your individual tastes.

Grazia Glider

At the end of a long day, you deserve the unparalleled comfort of sinking into the high, softly curved back of the Grazia Glider. Kick up your feet on the...

Read More
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Thanksgivukkah Gifting Guide

Nov 18, 2013 9:44:01 AM

Make this Thanksgivukkah count by delighting your little ones with some of our favorite small but mightily fun gifts! From gorgeous tokens of Hanukkah tradition to whimsical puzzle gadgets, we have something that is sure to thrill every little kid in your life.

(Clockwise from upper left):
1. Commemorate Thanksgivukkah with your children with these beautiful Natural Finish Dreidels (it won't happen for another 70,000 years, so you better play with the kids while they're still young!). 
2. Make a wish upon a star...Dip the Star Wand into the magical Fairy Dust Glitter and all your dreams will come true! 
3. Let your kid tear it up with this bomb of a present—the Surprise Ball contains 10 (yes, 10!) assorted gifts so your little ones won't have to settle for just one!
4. What better way to have a memorable year than to celebrate every silly holiday? The 2014 Calendar of Silly Holidays is a collection of impeccably handprinted cards that are as amusing as they are useful!  
5. Hermes is going to be green with envy when he sees your blinged up Schwings! Strap these babies to your shoes, slay some monsters, and save the day.  
6. Sculpt creatures that light up the night with Glow in the Dark Krypton Putty! With this putty, playtime doesn't have to end at lights out. 
7. Cubebot is ready for a dance party! This little guy can strike a pose (actually, many poses) and hold them, and when playtime's over, he folds neatly into a perfect cube.
8. This Jellycat Bashful Duck is tiny-sized duckling perfect for tiny little hands to hold or to carry in their pockets, so your little one doesn't ever have to part with their new best friend. 

Check out our Hanukkah Gifting Guide for your adult pals, too! 

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Gifting Made Easy: 2013 Edition

Nov 3, 2013 7:28:05 PM

Gift Baskets

Who said getting excited about presents is just for kids? Get giddy about gifting with these excellent and easy gift baskets—not only are they carefully curated with some of our favorite products, these baskets are also beautifully packaged and discounted at 15% off the full retail price. So, check your 'Nice' list twice and get ready to embrace the season of giving!

Baby Gift Basket I - The NOEL


Purple Canvas Owl Caddy by 3 Sprouts
Organic Muslin Swaddles by Aden & Anais
Plush Baby Legwarmers by Little Giraffe
Mini Doll by Blabla
Organic Soft Mushroom Rattle by Apple Park

Baby Gift Basket II - The CANTWELL

Orange Canvas Beaver Caddy by 3 Sprouts 
Organic Cotton Hooded Towel by Apple Park
Soft Silicone Baby Bottle by Como Tomo
'Jane' Chew Beads Necklace
Lovey by Angel Dear

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