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Making Bath Time Fun: Comfort

Sep 15, 2013 6:18:11 PM

Bath time can be potentially scary for new babies, so we've come up with a set of tips for you to make it fun for you and your little one. In the first part of these tips, we'll go over ways you can make bathing as comfortable as possible so your baby can relax and enjoy themselves as they splish and splash in the tub!

1. Having a safe, contained space is key to comfort when bathing your little one. An expandable tub like the Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub by Boon makes bathing even more convenient by allowing you to enlarge the tub as your baby grows from an infant to a toddler. Bathe your little one in five easy steps: recline it, expand it, drain it, collapse it, and hang it up to dry—easy as that!

2. Being scrubbed down can be pretty uncomfortable, so make sure you're washing your baby with fabrics that are as soft as possible. The downy and durable cotton Splish Splash Washcloths are incredibly gentle on your baby's skin and actually get softer with each wash! 

3. An infant's skin is extremely sensitive, so it's very important to use soap that is both mild and natural. Dr. Robin's Soothing Body Wash & Shampoo is a tear-free body wash and shampoo that is incredibly gentle and created with all-natural ingredients so you can keep your baby squeaky clean and happy!

4. The last part of the bath can be the most comforting—being dried off and bundled up in thick towels is a perfect segue to cuddling up for sleepy time! The Bubble Hooded Towel is a super cozy hooded terry towel so your little one can feel safe and comfortable in their warm, dry little terry cocoon!

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Essentials for Expecting Parents

Sep 3, 2013 6:50:54 PM

With a new baby on the way, figuring out what to get for your little one can be a headache. One of our amazing associates, Vajra, is an expecting mom and has compiled her favorite essentials for new parents. We hope this list will serve as a useful guide for stocking up on necessities for your new baby!

1. Get excited about your new baby's personality - stock up on onesies that compliment their bright smiles like the Long-Sleeve Romper from Winter Water Factory. Manufactured and designed in the US, Winter Water Factory’s long-sleeve romper is the perfect one-piece outfit and comes with a lap neck and 7 snap buttons, perfect for getting your little one cozy in a jiffy.
2. Carrying babies can get tiring, so make it as ergonomic and comfortable as possible. The Organic Baby Carrier by ErgoBaby is a perfect fit for women – it has great back support for moms, as well as ample support for your little one’s hip development. This baby carrier allows for dual carrying positions so you can have your baby in the front facing you, or on your back.
3. Rest is so precious and important to new parents, and the Luca Glider is a beautiful, modern chair is great for energy-deprived new parents – it provides amazing back support and aids in the sleeping of your newborn. Not only will these chairs look wonderful in your nursery, they are also incredibly comfortable, functional, and can transition easily from the nursery to the living room after your little one grows up.
4. Haven't found the right diaper bag yet? The Pronto Changing Station by Skip Hop is a portable changing pad that will work anywhere, so you can keep this low footprint pad in whichever bag you’ve got. Complete with a travel case for baby wipes and pockets for storing diaper cream, this changing pad is a must have (even if you just keep it in the car).
5. If you’ve been around a baby before, you know they’re always grabbing at mom’s hair, earrings, necklaces… Chewbeads are the perfect necklace for helping moms feel a little...

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Back to School Basics: The Favorites

Aug 27, 2013 11:41:14 AM


The first day of school doesn't have to be a hard one with these tried and true favorites for your little ones. Start the year off in a fun way with some of our favorite and most popular items for school:

1. Animals A-Z Alphabet Art Cards by Petit Collage - Help your young ones discover the alphabet with 26 large-sized cards. These fun and interactive cards will have your kids discovering the alphabet through animals from alligators to bears, to yaks and zebras.

2. Eco-Friendly Lunchbox Deluxe by OOTS – This sleekly designed lunchbox is a modern take on an American Classic – and eco-friendly too! These cool, contemporary lunch boxes come with 5 smartly stackable containers (4 small, 1 large) so you can pack all the healthy snacks your little one needs.

3. Chelsea Cardigan by Appaman – Cardigans are not only staples in every little girl’s wardrobe, they’re also functional and versatile, keeping your little ones cozy in any climate.

4. Mellow Jean by Munster – Your little punk rocker will be the hippest kid in class with these bold skinny fitted jeans, complete with spunky ankle zipper details.

5. Bugface Hoody by Munster – Get your kids ready for a little masked mischief with this playful zip-up sweatshirt. Hood down for class time, hood up for playtime!

6. Later Gator Pack by Mad Pax - This pack is part punk, funk and a dash of double dare. The 3D inspired backpack is the perfect fusion of fashion and function, allowing kids of all ages to express their inner creature.

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